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A.C.E.S. Estate Sale Services

Clean and Organized

Every item in the home is cleaned, organized, and priced.

Antique Experts

We conduct research on speciality items artwork and antiques.

Mass Advertised

We are not shy about getting the word out and the buyers in the door.

Commission Pricing

We look at every item to achieve the best price in the re-sale marketplace.

A.C.E.S. Real Estate Services


We run an extensive comparative market analysis (CMA) to get you the best value for your home.

Stress Free Process

We help you every step of the way, handle the complicated paperwork, and find you a qualified buyer.

Tailored Services

We only work with a select number of sellers in order to give you complete attention toward the close of your home.

About Us

Marietta is a life long entrepreneur, and successful business owner who has enjoyed treasure hunting at estate sales, antique stores and auctions for over thirty years. Marietta and her husband Larry have over fifty years of retail management experience between them.

Her true passion for estate sales was discovered fifteen years ago when she oversaw her first estate after her mother's passing. This sparked a new interest in selling antiques and rare collectables. Marietta has had the privilege to organize estate sales across the country in Las Vegas, California, Texas and even Canada.

Marietta goes above and beyond to discover her clients needs, and to meet their goals. She brings a wealth of knowledge, expertise, creativity, and an enthusiastic vision to each and every sale. Marietta and her team of ACES look forward to meeting you at the next estate sale.

Erin Walters exemplifies integrity, energy, hard work, and creative service. Growing up with parents who owned their own company and rental properties, she is a natural born entrepreneur. Erin grew up in Las Vegas and started her sales habit at the age of eight, buying CDs at auctions she would go to with her mom and then selling them in the back of her parents drapery company.

When she and her family moved to Austin in 2013, they started Austin Capital Estate Sales because of their love for the thrifting vibe the city has to offer. Finding opportunities everywhere, she decided to she wanted to offer more services to help others, thus becoming a real estate agent to integrate an all-in-one estate sale company. Since becoming a Realtorยฎ, Erin has prided herself in her passionate and heartfelt drive to serve her clientsโ€™ best interests. โ€œRest assured I will listen to you! With an understanding of your needs & wants, I will do my best to help you achieve them all.โ€ Just as the Real Estate industry evolves to become more innovative and efficient, so does she.

Whether riding her horse, rock climbing or hiking the greenbelt, in her free time, you can find Erin always doing something active. An avid explorer of the city, she loves to try new restaurants and check out local music and neighborhood festivals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Seller Questions


Tag Sale/Estate Sale: The most common reason for an estate sale is the death of the property owner, and the consequent need to quickly liquidate the deceased's belongings. The survivors may have no interest in the bulk of the personal belongings left by the deceased, or may simply lack space to keep the belongings. In situations in which the survivors cannot agree to the disposition of tangible property, a court may order the goods to be sold in an estate sale with the proceeds to be divided among the survivors. Such a sale and division may also be mandated in the will of the deceased.

An estate sale may also occur because the property owner will be moving or has moved into a situation where he will be unable to keep his propertyโ€”for example, a move to an assisted living facility, a retirement community, a rest home, or other living quarters.


Our clients typically receive 60% of the sales profit. Our commission includes everything associated with organizing your sale, as well as ALL advertising; media costs, professional signage in the surrounding area, promoting your sale on social media outlets, setting up the house and pricing, researching your items, sales staff, and cashier.

We do not require any upfront fees nor do we have any hidden charges.


We can organize your sale in as little as 7 days. However; most sales take around 10-14 days to organize.


Absolutely not! We find that many items have intrinsic value to collectors. We have found that the best stuff is in the garbage at family run sales.


We have over 40 combined years in the business of sales but nobody knows everything! We dedicate an average of 96 hours setting up your home and researching your items. In addition, we have been attending estate, tag and garage sales for years and have been making a living doing so. We have pricing knowledge of a great many items you may have in you home.


By utilizing both services, we can combine mass advertising outreach that is not normally available for stand alone real estate services. Also, the estate sale buyers are frequently asking questions about the home and your realtor will be present throughout the estate sale.

Buyer Questions


We accept all major credit cards.


All sales are final, merchandise sold as is. No returns, exchanges, or refunds.


Please arrange for help to load your items, as we do not deliver.


All items are first come, first serve. We hand out placement numbers 1 hour before we open the doors at 10AM.


We always consider reasonable offers for all items. If you want to purchase an item below the asking price, we will place your name on a bidding sheet. If the item has not sold at the end of the sale, we will present the owner with the bid and ask if they are willing to sell at the negotiated price.


Yes! In general, the first day of the sale prices are as listed. On the second day, most items are 25% off and third day of the sale, discounts are marked from 30% to 50%. However, some items have a firm price due to sentimental reasons of the seller.


Generally, our sales are on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday; 10am to 4pm. However, please refer to our upcoming sale for the official dates and times at

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As a prospective client, we welcome you to come to our next sale and see our team in action. We pride ourselves on hosting a well organized event, one in which the buyers feel welcomed and the atmosphere is one of fun and excitement.

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